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Cherry Berry NFTs

Greetings fellow Earthling


Exploring the potential of integrating Circles and Regenerative Art. On this page some example Regenerative NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are offered in exchange for Circles.


Regenerative Art explores creative processes integrating social and natural systems, using arts to revitalize connections between humans, communities and the ecosystem they live in.

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique tokens that can be shared, gifted or traded via internet. Each Token can be given its own narrative meaning. Dependent on the narrative they could act as collecter items, as digital keys to access resources, as a public pledge or token of support to a cause or as a source of digital goodies.

Circles is an alternative currency, which allows organised groups of people to provide basic income for each other. To join this experiment you need to have a Circles Wallet installed.

In this pilot we lay the ground for an integration of xDai NFTs with the Circles Ecosystem. By exchanging Circles for a piece of Art a unique token will be connected to your Circles Account.

Vision is to provide an infrastructure to explore, play and engage with Tokens and co-create meaningful and regenerative narratives around these Tokens.


The current implementation supports the exchange of Circles for Art Tokens. Choose one of the example Tokens below and initiate an exchange with Circles. After some time you will receive a NFT that will be connected to your Circles Account.


To see the NFTs connected to your Circles Account goto ynd type after the URL "/profile/" and your Circles "Device Address". Then click "Collections".
You find your "Device Address" in the Settings page of your Circles account.

As this is a pilot version, please note that the delivey of the Token to your Circle Account can take some time - dependent on the time of the day.


If you like to join the broader context of our regenerative journey, please contact us.

We are open and excited to connect with:

- Regenerative Artists and story-tellers

- Digital Artists - visual, auditive, 3D - with a curiousity for regenerative culture

- NFT enthousiasts with interest in regenerative tokens

- Crypto Wizards able to write and deploy "Smart Contracts" with regenerative game mechanics

- Earthlings that sense the beauty and relevance of regenartive art


Example: Tokens of Appreciation

The Tokens below celebrate and appreciate connection with Nature.

Playing with the uniqueness of nature we serve 2 different kinds of salad and a 3D Forest.

Now consider: Is every salad a piece of art? Is the one who reminds you of that uniqueness an artist? Would you use your abundance of Circles to support regenerative art and artists?

You are part of the regenerative story now. Looking forward to be in an exchange with you.

Choose your token and click the link with Circles, or scan the QR code with your Circles App. 


A limited edition token to celebrate the start of Cherry Berry NFT. You are part of it now :)

Join the vibe and acquire this token for

1 Circle

circles icon.png
photo fresh salad.jpg

Celebrating plants and salad, growing with water and sun. This "Green Salad" token represents natural growth and organic power!

This token of natural growth is yours to collect and cherish in exchange for

5 Circles

circles icon.png
photo salad.jpg

Gathered during summertime 2021 in a German Kleingarten the vitality of this salad is memorized and shared in this limited edition token.

Celebrating  the unique value of self-picked salad. Are you willing to support this garden artist?

10 Circles

circles icon.png

Be one of the first with this unique 3D Art - honoring and expressing the abundance of nature.


See if you can find the 6 different kinds of mushrooms and the hidden geocache.

100 Circles

circles icon.png
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