Who do you trust?
And how can you grow it?

What do you share?
In social media a war on trust rages:
don't trust the president, don't trust the media,
don't trust politicians, don't trust the pope.

I decided to limit sharing distrust and shift my main focus to trust. Both in real life and at social media.

Whom do I trust? And why?

How can I grow trust by sharing?

Sharing Trust on social media

Practically everyday in February 2017 I will post on someone's timeline why I trust him or her, along with #sharingtrust

Because it is fun to share trust, it's contagious to share trust, it's meaningful to share trust.

Feel free to join :)

See all posts: #sharingtrust


But you can not trust politicians/the president/the media/etc!
Sure, express it. Then take time to share and nurture who you do trust :)

This is not gonna bring any change around, I will not surrender to XYZ
Sure, stand your ground. It's needed more than ever.
Then remind yourself what you do stand for, if you want
trustworthy people around, nurture them.

There is no politician, journalist that I trust

Yes, I know the feeling... It's hard to trust people you don't know.
Maybe there are people around you, who listen to you
when needed, who take your kids to school...
Why not nurture the trust you have in them?
Let's create ripples of trust, not of distrust.

How can I share trust?
My intention is through out February 2017 to post on someone's
Facebook timeline, that I trust them and why. It's an experiment and
I already have joy in thinking how many people I actually do trust.
You are invited to do the same or find your own way of sharing trust.

What do I write?
You might write something down like appreciation. Appreciation and
gratitude for the support that you got, or might need one day.
For further inspiration, click #sharingtrust

That is a great plan!
Yes, I thought so, too. Happy you like it.

How did the idea come around?
I watched the powerful video on trust above and then in interaction
with this nonviolent communication FB group the idea got shaped.

I wanna participate in sharing trust!
 Well, just start, one post a day might already make a difference.
Oh and ... thank you for your trust :)

Wouldn't #sharetrustnottrump be a better tag then #sharingtrust ?
I also thought of that, it's is kind of relevant, ... at the same time the key for me is to share trust without associating it with distrust towards anyone.

Sharing Trust emerged from The Power of Moo, a social collective of artists integrating theater, social media and nonviolence communication into positive actions.