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360 film library

Power of Moo

360 film is a film where the viewer can 'look around' in a film.

Virtual Reality (VR) is entering 'another' reality by wearing VR glasses

Our VR films are entertaining experiences touching on deeper questions to start or to deepen conversations.

Let's explore!
In our VR acts we augment some of the videos below with our acting and addel stimulation for the senses like touch, smell and objects to grasp.

We use our films to spark discussions on human values like appreciation, inspiration and connection. Browse our summer agenda at the main page.

Wanna make 360 films yourself?
Read our quick guide into 360

Our 360 Library

Vuze 3D, Magix Movie Edit Pro

A 360/3D interpretation of two of our street-theater characters: Mi and Mo, aliens from Andromeda, searching for changemakers on planet Earth. Are you willing to be a change?

Virtual Hairdresser

Vuze 3D

A 48 Hour VR film, combining the genres of Musical, Western and Horror. Or how a visit to the hairdresser could change your perspective.

Vuze 3D

Is it theater? Is it a VR film? Is it true?
Find out yourself in this VR experience. Made for 48 Hour Film Project VR in Amsterdam 2017.
Inspired by The Work of Byron Katie.

Egg - a 3D animation

Tilt Brush/Unity

An experiment to create an animation in 360/3D with Tilt Brush, inspired by children picture books. This is a story about a strange egg and shaking up your mind. A 6DOF Unity version is available.


Vuze 3D

Going deeper and deeper in VR, what do you find? And could you take that back? Where does the yellow question mark come from? Does this make sense at all? Questions, questions, questions...

Vuze 3D

How is it to be famous in Cannes? Seeing the Cannes Film Festival 2017 through the eyes of a "celebrity".

Vuze 3D

Full 360/3D appreciation - sharing human kindness with 360/3D. This is the first of a series of 360/3D films focused on kindness and appreciation.

Vuze 3D

A fun 360/3D birthday wish (german spoken) inspired by the story of "Momo and the grey men". Is your birthday the mark of a year gone ... or the start of a completely fresh year ahead?

Listen - an intimate talk with democracy

Vuze 3D

Made as a collective 360 film, with the participants of Brave New World 2017 in Leiden.
A collective exploration into the virtue of listening as cornerstone of democracy.

Vuze 3D

Celebrating our beloved impro theater friends. Experience yourself as a special guest at the Firlefranz impro festival Köln, 16-18 June 2017.

Samsung 360, Magix Movie Edit Pro

Having fun with a 360 camera during Easter: crazy people playing around in the forest with eggs. ears and guitars.

Insta360 4K, Adobe Premiere

What happens in dark spaces, with stories that are hard to share? This movie explores suicidal thoughts and the helplessness of both victim and his/her dear ones. Based on a true story.

Samsung 360, Magix Movie Edit Pro

A small poem like trip through reality. An improvisation with theater players about reality and connection, with an unexpected end. Texts are atuned afterwards.

Samsung 360, Adobe Premiere

A promo for Susannes solo-theater piece "Meine letzte Show". Experimenting with direction of attention and exploring different ways for the basic technical workflow.

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