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What people say


"Het gele vraagteken is een wandelend nieuwsgierig

makend fenomeen. Op de meest onverwachte momenten

duikt het weer de kop op. Theater en performance staat zelden

zo dichtbij de toeschouwer. Zelfs zo dichtbij dat je het letterlijk aan

kan raken en dat je er zelf onderdeel van wordt. Zo word je als

toeschouwer op avontuur gestuurd en leer je jezelf te verbinden

met je omgeving en je medemens. En zo geeft het gele vraagteken

iedere toeschouwer het antwoord waar zij naar verlangt.

Volgend jaar weer! "


- Jörgen Scholtens, Oerol backstage -




"The Power of Moo has a kind of non defensiveness and openhearted manner

that invites people to engage in profound questions in improbable situations.


They bring a touch of the fun AND the profound,

and manage to challenge people's received ideas in a playful way."


- Romeck van Zeyl, Authentic Relating Games -


* * *


"The Power of Moo knows how to engage and inspire people in a magical way.

The last time I went through their quest I ended calling my mom

telling her how much I loved her.

The performance at the SenseCamp Berlin was a great fun

the 200 change makers we gathered. If you want to spice up

your event with some playful awareness and mindfulness exercises,

I can't think of a better option than the guy from Andromeda and his question mark!"


- Ismail Chaib, MakeSense -


* * *


"Großartig! Wenn ihr ihn heute noch erwischt, dann geht

zum Mann mit dem Fragezeichen! Am ersten Tag bekam ich eine tolle

Nachricht von eine Freundin, die sie mir aufgrund der Challange schickte,

die ihr der Mann-mit-dem-Fragezeichen gestellt hat. Nun war ich dran!


Tatsächlich haben diese Challanges unterschiedliche tolle Auswirkungen:

aus seiner eigenen Komfortzone herauskommen oder Menschen Dinge

sagen, die man vielleicht nie oder zu selten sagt."


- Inken Meyer @ re:publica (source) -


* * *


"I have met Richard at a number of events in Berlin during the past months
and have always enjoyed his inventiveness and ability to engage others in
open inspiring conversations with questions that make them stop and reflect.

We share an enthusiasm for questions. Look for the big yellow question mark
and you'll probably find Richard beneath it!"


- Eric Lynn, CultureQs -


* * *


“The Andromeda quest gave me insight into what we will allbe enjoying very soon… Intergalactic communication, you know - Brilliant stuff!"


- David de Winter, changemaker -


* * *


"It is difficult to explain why exactly, but I think that the encounter with you today was something very important. The evening itself was very special, my friends and I met some school mates and the talks we had afterwards were also something that I would say make this very day totally relevant in relation to my future. I appreciate your art very much and hope that you will be able to share it with as many people as possible for as long as you want!"


- Alex, visitor Sommerwerft Frankfurt -


"We had the chance to have Richard gathering Sustainability News on our first Sustainability Drinks event this February. It was a very entertaining part of the event. Richard gathered more than 10 exciting news from the participants and raised a lot of interest with his live news display. We can certainly recommend him for events"

- Marco Blumendorf, Sustainablity Drinks Berlin -


* * *


" Richard has an entertaining and upbeat interaction style. I appreciate his ability to lift the energy of an audience with subtle humor. His presentation of his news project also has the benefit of engaging people in the ability to directly participate."


- Scott Bolden, Baumhaus Berlin -



What inspired thePowerofMoo

A celebration of some wunderful people for sparking The Power of Moo:

* Natasha Tsakos for hinting to street-theatre as a way to support people to feel out loud

* Charles Eisenstein for reminding to share a new story/narrative by significant act(s)


* Paulo Coelho for inspiring the close relation between acting as actor and acting as activist  (in the Witch of Portobello)


* Marshall Rosenberg for giving voice and structure to nonviolence


* Kerstin for all the roads walked. (and for the lovely story that inspired the name - The Power of Moo).

* Indra & Perry for being there at the first quest game in Dordrecht.





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