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Was läuft denn da?
Berlin: Was läuft denn da?

Berlin: vibrant city of sharing, co-creation and sustainability. However, if the mainstream media doesn't pick up this news, it's time to start our own broadcast-channel: we are the news, we wear the news.



Festival Snapshot

Daily snapshot of the Summerfestival, combining images of the participants, every day a new theme. Engaging in meaningful conversations on the way :)

Finals EK - public soccer

Why watch the soccer championship while you can play soccer yourself? Our instant soccer team played soccer on the street during the EK 2012. Everyone is invited!



NSA-reconciliation team

How would it be if the NSA would offer their honest apologies to the citizens of earth? To find out we sent out our NSA-agent, giving people back the data that was stolen from them.

Just a sample of our interactions. To see more or explore possible acts >>
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