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Advent Calendar 2023

"Intelligence Unwrapped"

As December unfolds, a daily exploration of the realms of intelligence - from the collective brilliance of shared minds to the intricate workings of artificial and natural intelligence. Each day, a new video "window" will open, offering insights into the diverse forms of intelligence that shape our world.


In this festive season, consider intelligence as a form of beauty, a captivating reflection of change itself. Like the twinkling lights on a tree, intelligence illuminates our understanding and transforms with each passing moment.

A celebration of the dynamic, the evolving, and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Each day in December, up to Christmas: 24 videos gathered and shared in the German spirit of Advent Calenda

♫  - music /  👁 - language independent

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For regeneration, solar punk and permaculture visit the Regen Advent Calendar

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