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Earth & Climate

How do your relate to planet Earth? Are you "just" an inhabitant, is there an emotional connection or are you an integral part of Earth?

We consciously and playfully explore these questions and our personal relation with earth to experience how the joy and quality of that relation shapes our actions.

Climate change coming from a deepening connection with earth and positive, affirmative action!

Talking with Earth (video)

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Practical Offers

Workshops & Theater

Playfully engaged

Combining impro theater and nonviolent communcation we explore our feelings and needs related to climate change and our ability and willingness to act - and connect.

Themes of workshops:
* release your inner animal - connecting with inner strengths and see how your unique strength could benefit the whole

* journey into the apocalypse - exploring and connecting across fear and despair into aliveness and presence

* fun with climate deniers - how to connect with collegues, family and friends who have a radical different worldview

Every once in a while we organize climate theater events where we explore in an interactive and playful way how to deal with climate challenges and the feeligs and needs that arise with these challenges.


Connecting with Earth

We use new technology in our installations to re-connect people with each other, themselves and the whole planet. Holograms, virtual reality and augmented reality in service of connection.

In our newest installation you stand with your bare feet in a box of soil, connecting with earth. Through heart rate sensors and interactive light chains we visualize the connection with eath, represented as a friendly cartoon-like hologram - heartwarming and fun.

Sounds like magic? Yes, connecting with earth is indeed magical :)

Empathy circles, walking acts and more

We love to connect with people ourselves. We have different forms of walking acts, with small games and heartwarming presents to engage in meaningful conversations about earth and climate - at festivals and events.

Online you will find us in regular organized "empathy circle" and offline in open "climate theater" performances.

Wanna connect?
Lets connect in real life and have a chat how we can share our love for this beautiful planet and its inhabitants <3

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Gadgets & Co

Small "earthy" things - move your mouse over the images for more info

Earth as a "light" painting, hanging in your hallway. Every time you walk by Earth will shortly "blink", as a remembering that you are loved :)

Also in your hallway?

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