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Walking around at festivals and conferences with our VR (virtual reality) empowered walking act, or sharing our sense-enhanced 360 films, we authentically connect with people, listen and give them the space to express themselves and experience new ways to look at reality.

We challenge our fellow human beings to open up and play with us on themes like appreciation, creativity, consciousness and magic. We apply VR as an integrated element to literally show people new realities.


We share, we play, we inspire.

More 360 films

Virtual Reality

VR Wizard

A magical training ground

This mobile VR installation gives you the  chance to try some magical spells and build self-confidence in your wizard skills. A fun, interactive way to experience the magic of VR ... and your own magic!

The practice scenes in VR Wizard are shot on the spot on festivals and events.

VR Wizard has trained apprentice wizards and witches at:
- Waterkant - festival for innovation and entrepreneurs
- Kieler Woche, Kiel
. CERN, Geneva
- Auerworld
- Sommerwerft, Frankfurt
- Dutch Media Week, Hilversum

VR Wizard: a fun VR experience -and- a playful conversation starter on unique talents and how to share your talents with the world.

VR Hug-a-choo

Virtual Reality meets Free Hugs

We record and share hugs from all over the world and share them back in VR.

Experience Free Hugs with the VR Hug-a-choo - and that is not just virtual :)

A fun and engaging experience to reconnect people across culture, nation and background. Hugging the whole of "humanity" was never so easy!

Virtual Hairdresser

Would you dare?

Its starts as an innocent haircut, but then things turn out for the worse. Augmented with smell, touch and ... scissors. A truly immersive scary act for your festival or event.

VR Hairdresser played at:

- Nederlands Film Festival
- Leids International Film Festival
- FIlmapalooza, Paris
- Landshutter Short Film Festival

- Kürzsüchtig Short Film Festival (winner VR category)

- Cineglobe Festival, CERN

- Auerworld Festival
- Sommerwerft Festival, Frankfurt
- Dutch Media Week, Hilversum

Virtual Reality Quests

Sharing multi-sense VR at festivals and conferences

Walking around with a big yellow question mark, we present people a list of deeper questions. For every question we have an engaging VR film. Our films are 3D POV (point of view) and every VR film is augmented with an extra touch of reality: smell, touch or objects to grasp. A fun way to share Virtual Reality and explore profound questions.


a climate experience

This XR experience is uncomfortable to the point of being unbearable - your planet is heating up, animals will go extinct, your environment will perish.

When will you say "STOP"?

Max (VR)

Caress your inner cat

The budding tenderness between two women, as seen from the perspective of Max - the cat.

A fun and tactile experience of 4 minutes. In the full festival setting it is set up as a cozy cats place, including supersized cat toys and synchronized touch. An LGBT aware VR experience.

Mi and Mo

Consciousness and empowerment at Changemaker festivals and conferences

Coming from another galaxy, Mi and Mo not only have a message for the world, they are also actively searching for inter-galactic change makers. If you pass their tests for courage, compassion and awareness they will empower you -in AR- with their earth-loving turtle: a heartwarming experience in getting into direct contact with your home planet. 

VR Impro Theater

Feel the content

A mix of VR and impro theater. After setting up a theme with VR, our renowned impro actresses/actors play with your questions and answers on a scientific, political or social issue. A fun and deepening experience, bringing the human factor in any rational discourse.

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