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Max (VR)

A mixed reality sensory installation with VR.

Experience the budding relation between two women, as seen from the perspective of Max - the cat.

The Installation

Sitting on the favorite couch of Max, with its favorite cat toys around, you ll watch the VR 180 film. Within 20 seconds you will feel, act and purr like a cat :)


Play like a cat


Caressed like a cat


Interview with Isar TV at Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival.

From 2:22 on, in German



Richard Schut is award winning 360/VR filmmaker, using all senses in his VR installations to ​let people experience the joy and beauty of being a human being.


With a limited budget, Richard is able to create high impact experiences.

His film "VR Hairdresser" won best middle-germany VR prize at Kurzsuechtig Leipzig 2018.

VR180 link

Link to the VR180 video

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