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A VR installation to share hugs from all over the world.

The best experience to show how VR can be used to connect people across cultures, locations and different backgrounds.

Choose your hugs -and- feel them for real in the Hug-a-choo!

Impressions from festivals

For festivals we have a special solar powered mobile version of the Hug-a-choo.



The idea of the Hug-a-choo was developed during Digitial Stories Lab in Warsaw, Poland dec 2018. After some pilots at different VR festivals, the official release of the mobile VR installation was during Netzfest / re:publica 2019 in Berlin.

Currently we are collecting 360/VR hug videos by recording them ourselves with our VR180 Qoocam camera and by gathering VR180 videos from all around the world. If you have have recorded VR180 hug videos we can share, please contact

We are also developing a version with special animations, giving you a chance to reconnect with earth and nature through hugging.

Our software is written in Unity and will be released to the public domain when finalized.

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