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The Lost Alchemy Recipe

Based on a long lost alchemy recipe we share the amazing powers of an ancient DreamMachine with visitors. Mixing ingredients like courage, friendship and generosity we make dreams come true!



Concerned with the way earthlings treat their beautiful planet, the counsel of Andromeda has sent one of their members to find Intergalactic Changemakers on Earth.

The earthlings that pass the Intergalactical Quests will get their own Intergalactic Communicator.

The Spirit of Christmas

Exploring the Spirit of Christmas, the members of the newly formed "Ministery of Christmas and Festivities" served engaging Christmas Quests at the Berliner Christmas Markets. Quests to make you sing, laugh, open your mind and embrace your heart.

Just a sample of our quests. To find out more or get your own quest-pack >>
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