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Magical Powers

Making secret powers visible with AR. What if technology makes visible what is already there - yet not seen?

With these AR effects we play with questions like:

* What aspects of yourself do you see in our magic mirror?


* What power do you have at hand?

Try them out by clicking on the icons to the right.
(only works on mobile phones)

Specials for Events

Earth Loving Turtle

Your connection with earth

What is your personal connection with earth? On a conversational level, how do you relate to earth? Would you speak on behalf of earth? If not, who will?

Meaningful conversations about your personal relation with planet earth and an AR powered turtle tattoo.

Personal 12 K Beamer

What would you show?

Walking around at (film)festivals, we introduce the thinnest personal and portable projector of all times: the advanced 12 K beamer. Having such a powerful beamer leads eminently to the question "what would you like to show the world?".

Next to a personal projector this AR powered and button activated beamer also functions as a serious award at prestigious festivals - an award for life time appreciation.

True Colors

Against hate and intolerance

How to deal with intolerance and hate in your social network?
What superpowers would you need?

An double-sided AR amulet to nurture both empathy and diversity in self-expression.

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