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Empathy Tent

What is going on here?

'What is going on here?' - That's the question most people ask us when we stand with our Empathy Tent at a market-square or a festival.



We tell them that we connect people in empathy: some people might be in need for someone who listens to them with attention and empathy, while other people have space to listen empathically to someone else, and we bring those people together in our Empathy Tent.


What happens next is a surprise, even for us.

Some of the encounters that touched us, during the German NVC Month:


* A elderly woman sharing about her life without her man, her need for support and while we listen she is being touched by her own words.


* A young and an older woman who didn't know each other, talking with each other, finding out how they trigger each other and how to deal in a nonviolent way with that.


* A group of friends who end up sharing what they like about each other, while we support them in being precise and listening to each other.


* A couple asking why we do this for no-money, giving us the possibility to share our passions, ending up in a dialogue about meaning and work.


At the end of the day we mostly look back with warmth and care to all the people we met. A sense of meaning and contribution fills our souls as we pack in our tent and look each other in the eye.


Richard and Susanne travel with their Empathy Tent through Germany.

Contact them at

(*) Warm thanks to Edwin Rutsch and his Culture of Empathy Project for the inspiration <3

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