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The Power of Moo is exploring new, practical ways to facilitate interaction between refugees and local people. Creating space for a common expression:

on stage, in the streets or in the (apple)fields.


Integration by the art of acting together.

Refugee Integration

"In a global world i lost my country.

My country lost me.

I am dependent on your generosity.
At least for now.

May be, you can help me to

Find back my strength

See who I am,

I just arrived."

Fruit harvest with refugees

October 27, 2015

With the help of the public website we found some free harvestable apple and walnut trees. In a refugee center close by we asked some young refugees to join us picking fruit.


free food for refugee center, integrating experience for young refugees, some nice days in the sun :)

Using tools from ‪#‎sharingeconomy‬ to address refugee challenge.

48 Hour Theater - Refugees

April 23, 2015

Creating a theater performance with a group of people from over 10 nationalities. A piece about leaving your country, a challenging travel and arriving at a new home. The piece was developed and performed within 48 hours based on stories from refugees. Some of them played along in the one hour piece.

Reaction from actors:
"This is so connecting"

Reaction from audience:
"Truly heartwarming, from the beginning to the end"

48 Hour Film Project - refugee character

September 24, 2015

The 48 Hour Film Project is an international film competition where filmmakers make a short film within 48 hours based on some random elements they hear friday evening. In Utrecht 2015 one of the elements that had to be in the film was a refugee. The teams had to incoorporate some kind of refugee charcater in their film.

- quote from one of the participating filmmakers:

"This is the movie that i always wanted to make, but i only found out after i did it"

- several films made it to the national media

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