Moo at Home!

A time to reflect, connect & regenerate.

A list of Moo-full activities of connection and practice,
while "grounded" at home.

An overview:

daily GfK/NVC online empathy circle (german)

Every morning at 10:00 an empathy check-in. We listen and reflect each other. A connecting way to start the day - german spoken.

If you wanna join, send a us an email to receive the Zoom link

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Jeden Morgen um 10:00 Uhr ein Empathie-Check-in. Wir hören zu und reflektieren uns. Ein verbindender Weg, um den Tag zu beginnen - Deutsch gesprochen.

Sende uns eine E-Mail, um den Zoom-Link zu erhalten

48 Hour Kids (dutch)

A fun create-your-own-film activity for kids in the Netherlands.

What do you do when you have to stay inside and you are a kid?
You make a short film with your brothers, sisters and family.

Based on some random elements you have 48 hours to make a short film.
Sunday we show all the films online through a cozy Zoom meeting.

More info in the Facebook group

"The other side of chaos"

Amidst the chaos of populations being locked in, hospitals working overtime and general uncertainty about health, death and future - small sprouts are blossoming, sprouts of people finding ways to deal with the limitations or finding time for things they never had the time for.

In "the other side of chaos" we share these peoples stories, their dreams and how they find meaning in times of chaos.

An online documentary - made from home.

online NVC workshops (english / german)

New dates coming soon :)


Sat 28 mar 14:00
"Finding words in times of crisis"
Using feelings and needs card Hugo Roele helps you to find words to express yourself in times of crisis.

Sat 28 mar 16:00
"Cards, constallations and intuitive meaning"
Sharing intuitive tools we curiously explore together what collective meaning might be hidden in the current state of affairs.

Zoom link to the workshops:

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