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In the green section are functions available for users:
- gardeners type their questions in the Vectara Garden AI Q&A site

- "Quiz" show an interactive set of AI generated questions, based on knowledge set

For Q&A management:
- all questions from gardeners along with the AI answers appear here as post-it notes

- either delete a post-it (x) or go to the full question / answer text (speech bubble)

- with full question, adjust the question and answer text and either:

    - add it to the Tonic AI Benchmarking set (bottom left)

    - add it to the FAQ set (bottom right)

- "Tonic AI Benchmarking" shows benchmark for each question (scoring through seperate Python script)

- "Ingest FAQ" to select and ingest questions and answers directly into Vectara knowledge set
- "
Add" to add an additional question / answer to either Tonic AI or FAQ

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